graphic designer & illustrator, 2D animation enthusiast.
self-proclaimed artivist and plantain preacher.

Frente a Tí

Digital Collage and Illustration

Cover and poster design made for a soon to be released book of memories and poems of my childhood in Venezuela.

A piece to honor the state I was born and raised in, Vargas, (Venezuela) for so long over looked and neglected after the great mudslides that affected the area in 1999 that swept entire towns along the coast.

The collection of memories and poems, an ode to the beauty of growing up under the caribbean sun, surrounded by the voices of the rain forest and the calls of colorful macaws in the metropolis are to be found and gathered and saved in this book in times of political turmoil.

The picture used for this digital collage is from the sea view from Los Caracas, a well known beach spot along the coast of Vargas and a 20 minutes ride from where I used to live.

© Valentina Figueroa 2019
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Santiago de Chile/ Caracas