[W.I.P] Cambur Authentic Venezuelan Streetfood

Branding Development.

Cambur (local word for banana) is not only a place to taste Venezuelan arepas and patacones, pepitos and guarapitaso or where to get to get products produced in the country itself, it’s a meeting point for the Venezuelan community abroad. A place to share and support, to gather and enjoy.

In recent years, Venezuela has not only gone through socio-political turmoil but also has been dealing with a humanitarian crisis like their citizens could have never imagined, specially when their lands posses the largest oil reserves in the world.  As a consequence of the harsh living conditions of the country, exodus has been the only way out for many Venezuelans who have left not only their homes but also their families in hopes to find better opportunities abroad to produce and provide for their families back in Venezuela. 

Our country has always been the one with arms open for those who needed to seek refuge and opportunities, this time it’s us looking for those. Not only there are more Venezuelans abroad than ever before, we are now in the responsibility of perpetuating and getting people to know our culture, one way to do it is through our food. 

© Valentina Figueroa 2018
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