graphic designer & illustrator, 2D animation enthusiast.
self-proclaimed artivist and plantain preacher.

 Hi, I’m Valentina!

A graphic designer and illustrator, occasional photographer and embroiderer.

I find myself endlessly looking for (and finding) artistic connections to my cultural background of Venezuela. Likewise, being born and raised in a country in constant political turmoil has led me to stand up for my beliefs and use my art and work in diverse manners to raise the voice of those I believe need it the most.

As of now I’m a freelance artist working in projects with very diverse backgrounds, from tech to female empowerment. On the other hand, most of my in-house work experience has been at non-profit organizations based in Berlin leading their visual branding development and supporting their communications team, which has provided me with the opportunity of working in partnership with SAP, Zalando, Adidas, and the German Federal Foreign Office.

If you’ve checked my portfolio out and would like to work with me,

︎ reach out! ︎

© Valentina Figueroa 2019
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Santiago de Chile/ Caracas